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My name is Andy Ramos!

I am a freelance visdev and story artist! I currently reside in Los Angeles, California. 

Click below for my resume! 


My name is Andy I. Ramos. I recently graduated from Woodbury University, with a BFA in Animation and VFX. Currently, I am a freelance artist, looking to provide my artistic abilities as a story artist or storyboard revisionist,

I was born in Mid City, Los Angeles as a first generation Latino. Since I was a child, my imagination had went rampant with ideas and curiosity into how films are made, especially animated ones. Since then, I dedicated my time and passion to art and storytelling, creating my own stories and helping others in their own (collaboration and brainstorming are my favorite parts of the story process!).

I have worked in 2D, 3D, and in Stop Motion Animation, firmly believing in having a rounded perspective of animation through the exploration of different unconventional mediums, as animation has unlimited potential. There are so many stories to tell, so many people out there wanting to tell their own stories with their unique vision and background. I would love to show my own unique vision wherever I can, and help others in creating their own. 

When I'm not animating, I'm researching movies and cartoons, exploring history for inspiration, being out with my friends and family, or trying new foods! Or I'm on Pinterest lookin at plants. Gonna build a terrarium someday!

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